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Head Start Regulations

Hands-on learning in a Vermont Head Start programFederal Office of Head Start Policy

It is the mission of VHSA to provide its members, the early care and education community, and our partners with up-to-date information about regulations that impact us locally.

New performance standards will go into effect in November 2016.  This is the first holistic revision and reorganization of the Head Start Performance Standards since 1975.  The standards are the regulations to fulfill the federal Head Start Act, which set out to provide comprehensive health, nutrition, and education services to children and families living in poverty.

VHSA and its members go to the regional and central Office of Head Start for guidance to meet the requirements. VHSA expects the reauthorization of the 2007 Head Start Act to be drafted in the near future.  Discussions with national, state and local partners will inform recommendations.


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