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Our Staff Mean Everything to the Community

The Head Start community in Vermont is a close, supportive community. We like to think of our Head Start teachers, family advocates, bus drivers, cooks, Human Resource staff and directors as part of a diverse team working together to provide the very best early childhood educational experience for Vermont’s children.

We believe that the Vermont Head Start Association is an integral part of it. One of VHSA’s goal is about the professional development for the workforce in Head Start and the larger community. VHSA board of directors are dedicated to encouraging and supporting staff to learn and grow through training, education, advocacy or community building.

Visit the Events and Training to see about upcoming events that support staff in their professional development.

ECLKC Resources

Here are a few resources from the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC), Training and Technical Assistance site that we think help build the highly qualified and valued staff to our parents, families and partners.

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